Trans-tourism: an integrated approach for the study of transformative role of tourism in the 21st century


“At the dawn of the Third Millennium, human civilization finds itself in a seeming paradox of gargantuan proportions. On the one hand, industrial and technological growth is destroying much of Nature, endangering ourselves, and threatening our descendants. On the other hand, we must accelerate our industrial and technological development, or the forces we have already unleashed will wreak even greater havoc on the world for generations to come. We cannot go on, and we cannot stop. We must transform.”

Alan Atkisson (2006) "Sustainability is Long Dead - Long Live Sustainability. In: Keiner, M. The Future of Sustainability, pp. 231-243. Springer.

In the current alarming state of the world’s system and its environmental threats, to engage with the question on the future of the world tourism becomes an important challenge. While some argue that the overall world global situation is grim, many academic and industry-based research points to the encouraging trends of ‘new tourism’, in which increasingly conscious hosts and conscious travellers, use tourism as a transformative medium to practice and promote the need for sustainability of both our planet and humanity. Namely, we increasingly see how conscious consumers/transformative travellers use travel to re-invent themselves and the world they live in. In this context, our project investigates the role of tourism in attaining the vision for sustainable world of peace and harmony, and to develop tools and options in order to provide practical models to harness the transformative power of tourism.

Novosti ― 16 11 2017

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